Daniel Windahl is in the main draw of Danish Padel Open!

Press release Danish Padel Open April 28th 2022

Quote Mikael Thobo / Tournament Director

"Although padel is growing very fast in the Nordic region, we still have some way to go to the very best players at WPT. We hope with the help of the nordic region's best player Daniel Windahl, that we can help nordic padel get even closer and for Daniel to lead the way for other local players so they can get closer to the absolut world elite in the coming years. Therefore it has been an easy decision for us and in good cooperation with Daniel's manager Reza Deheshjoo, to give Daniel the chance in the form of a WC for the main competition"

“Daniel has recently proven that he is closest to the top players and we want to pave the way and promote the nice development that he has had in connection with various competitions”

Reza Deheshjoo says;

"This is a great opportunity for Daniel to once again show off his qualities in the very finest contexts and this time with Cristian Gutierrez. We know he's in incredible form and we'll see that in the result. That WPT Denmark chooses and gives Daniel the chance is well planned and very well timed. We are very grateful for this opportunity and how incredibly professional the organization has been in the dialogue with us regarding the WC" 

Daniel Windahl says; 

"Being able to play directly in the main draw together with my partner Cristian will be a great experience. In addition, it is almost at home and I hope that many Swedes will be there to support us. We're going to give everything and a little bit more. at the moment we play very well with confidence. I really want to thank the Danish organization for the great opportunity we have been given. We will show the Nordic colors”